One of the ways in which Post 2195 serves the community is by accepting flags to be properly retired or returned to service depending on their condition.  There is no charge for this service.


U.S. and Texas flags that are faded, torn, badly frayed, or very dirty should not be displayed.  Please note however that flags can be laundered, dry cleaned, or mended to make them serviceable again.  It is even acceptable to trim frayed ends and hem the flag again so long as the flag's length is approximately 1.9 times its height (see US Flag Dimensions).

When you decide that your flag should be retired or you can't display it for any reason, just place it in one of the collection boxes shown below and we'll do the rest.  Click on one of the collection box pictures to see a map that will pinpoint its location.
 Each flag placed in one of these collection boxes is inspected for wear and overall condition.  If a flag is or can be made serviceable again, it is repaired and laundered as necessary, folded properly, and placed in a clear plastic bag.  These recycled flags are given away at our next Veterans' Day or Memorial Day Buddy Poppy distribution.  We ask only that you display your new flag proudly and return it to us when it is no longer serviceable.
Flags that can not be made serviceable again are reduced to ashes and buried with an appropriate public ceremony.  Watch this web site for details of our next Flag Retirement Ceremony.