Operation Counterbalance was implemented to promote the health and well-being of ALL veterans and their spouses. We have the volunteer support of a certified nutritionist, a certified trainer and Allen Parks and Recreation.

If you are a veteran and you or your spouse would like to enter the program, please email the Post Surgeon (lsheehan57@hotmail.com) and request an application package. Make the subject: Operation Counterbalance. After you complete the application and return it to the Post Surgeon the information will be reviewed by our nutritionist and trainer. They will contact you to set up a review and recommend nutrition and an exercise routine to meet your goals whether it is weight loss or improving your stamina. When you meet with the trainer, they will provide instructions on the use of exercise equipment at the Allen Parks and Recreation facility based on your objectives.

The nutritionist and trainer briefs members periodically on recommendations to promote a healthy lifestyle. You will also receive periodic email information on healthy eating and exercise.

If your objective is weight loss the Post will present, you with a certificate recognizing when you meet your weight loss goal.

Members may elect to meet for breakfast each Saturday; 9:00am at Mom’s Café in Allen followed by exercise at an Allen Parks and Recreation Center at 10:00am in addition to any exercise times you have scheduled.

The program was publicized in the national VFW Magazine in their March 2017 edition.